Sustainability Policy

In R10 we are committed with satisfying the current needs without committing the capacity of future generations of satisfying theirs. For us, that is sustainability, and the planet demands that and our country more than ever.

Our commitment doesn’t merely stay on words and documents. Our commitment goes towards with the actions we are implementing because it is thanks to these, that our generation and future generations will enjoy a livable planet.

Our main sustainability objective is the mitigation of Climate Change via the diminishment of the Greenhouse Gases that our activity generates. In the same way, and being conscious of our degree of influence and the consequences of climate change for our country, we focus on the adaptation for this phenomenon, the biggest challenge of our time.

In the same way and no less important:

  • We comply with the tourism, environment, sociocultural, economic and labor legislation thriving for an integrated sustainability.
  • We comply with all the legal and normative aspects for the adequate development of our activities. Our residences have the National Tourism Registration (RNT by its initials in Spanish), we are subscribed to the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, and we do our tax payments diligently to the National Tax Administration (DIAN), Secretary of Finance and to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.
  • The staff of R10 is affiliated to the pension and layoffs fund, and has health and labor risks insurance.
  • The staff of R10 is on the obligation and responsibility of complying with the established on the sustainability policies, as well as the responsibility of being a role model with their behavior.
  • We select the suppliers, operators and tourist attractions that comply with the sustainability requirements established by the legislation and the corresponding norms on each case.
  • We adapt an environmental management system apt to face the possible negative effects of our activity.
  • We promote energy and water saving, and the diminishment of the greenhouse gases emissions that our activity generates.
  • We treat responsibly our waste and discharges.
  • We provide all the necessary tools to our guests, so they can separate adequately waste at the source.
  • We cooperate with the Asociación Cooperativa de Recicladores de Bogotá (Bogota Recyclers Association) to dispose the recyclable waste.
  • We have a social commitment. We understand that our activity will be sustainable only if we are capable of making a contribution to the reduction of social differences and to the diminishment of poverty through the creation of economic growth opportunities.
  • We are sensitive to the social needs of our employees training them.
  • We are commitment to the conservation of the cultural tangible and intangible heritage of the communities on which we operate.
  • We are conscious of the responsibility we have by being in La Candelaria, cultural and historical center of Bogotá. We always thrive to preserve and promote the local industry, its heritage, its gastronomy, its arts, its music and in general everything that contributes to its cultural identity.
  • We are conscious of the responsibility we have by being located in Colombia, a country with an immense natural, cultural and social richness but with huge inequalities, poverty and lack of opportunities.

Our commitment is with sustainability, both environmental, social, cultural and economic. Our commitment is with La Candelaria and Bogotá. Our commitment is with Colombia, its land, its water, its culture, its towns, its music, its landscapes, its flora and its fauna. Our commitment is with the generations of today and tomorrow, with the world, with humanity and with all the living beings that inhabit this planet.

Certification of the Touristic Area of La Candelaria (ATC) on the Sectoral Technical Standards for Sustainable Tourism (NTS-TS-001)

With the support of the Externado University of Colombia we lead the environment table for the certification process of the ATC on the NTS-TS-001.

Against Sexual Exploitation

Our staff is trained on the prevention of the sexual exploitation of kids and teenagers (ESCNNA). In Residencial 10 we inform our guests that it is illegal the exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism with kids and teenagers according to the law 1336 of 2009, law 679 of 2001 and law 1236 of 2008 about the fight against exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism with kids and teenagers.

Against Illegal traffic of Wildlife

“Do not market or trade with wild species of flora and fauna.”

At Residencial 10 we comply the law 17 of 1981, ministerial resolution No.1367 of 2000, Decree 1608 of 1978. “Denounce and prevent the illegal traffic of exotic species of fauna and flora”. Law 599 of 2000. Colombian Criminal Code Law 165 of 1994 United Nations Agreement on biodiversity.