Our Cancellation Policy

R10 allows tenants to cancel their reservation, as long as it is notified 30 days before your arrival date. If the request is done within these dates, there will be a full refund, otherwise there won’t be any refund. Any commission charges involved with the refund of the reservation will be paid by the tenant.

Once the Tenant arrives to the room the lease agreement must be signed. The room can not be delivered to the tenant until he or she signs the agreement. In case the tenant decides to make any changes of housing or decides not to stay in the residence, he or she must give notice within the next 3 days after his or her arrival. If the tenant decides to leave before those three days, we won’t refund the reservation payment.

If the tenant decides to cancel his agreement after this term (and before the end date of the lease agreement), he or she must pay a fee equivalent to one (1) month of rent, plus the time he or she has stayed in the residence.