About Us

Our Team

Residencial 10 was founded on 2013 by Alejandro Rueda Gómez and Juan Sebastián Pescador Gómez, two graduates of the University of Los Andes, who after making their own exchange semester, eventually noticed that the accommodations offers for students were scarce, obsolete, rigid and did not count with the best conditions, a context that gave birth to a contemporary and different type of housing, one that could satisfy the needs of the student and foreign community. At the moment, the company completes 6 years’ operating, period of time on which we have received more than 600 students coming from Colombia and from diverse parts of the world (Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Latin America).

At R10 we have a committed and trained staff able to attend the needs of our residents, always willing to collaborate at any time. Beyond a legal agreement, our employees want that each student and resident has the necessary support to have the best stay.

On the years of operation, we feel grateful of being able to contribute on the generation of several gratifying life experiences, and being the link and meeting point between big friendships and strong bonds that have been established through the world in our residences.

About Us

Residencial 10 is a company aimed at providing student accommodation for nationals and foreigners (tourists and short stays on specific dates). More than a place to live, we thrive to generate a global community and a meeting point, at an affordable price, for all the students and residents, generating interactions that contribute to life experiences and a community learning, complementary to the ones lived at the classroom or other places.

Our mission is

Go beyond offering housing, create a home for students and residents where they have an adequate environment to realize their studies and offers an educative additional experience that helps them become mature and independent professionals via the interactions with their companions and student community.

Our Residences

All of our accommodations in general have the same conditions. Rooms and apartments completely furnished, equipped kitchens, common areas, TV zones, study and work areas, meeting places, ping pong table, terrace, patio and garden depending on each location, as well as located on the main cultural and interest center of the city, La Candelaria neighborhood in downtown Bogotá.

R10 – Dorantes

Dorantes has 3 floors, 25 rooms, 2 kitchens, living room, dinning table, a terrace and different common areas.

Dorantes is located in the same building of R10 Hostel, it means, the entrance and the terrace is shared, but the other areas are totally independent.

R10 – Casa del Sol

Casa del Sol has 30 rooms, 7 kitchens, a living room with TV and a big dining table, a study zone and a garden with a Monserrate view. Because of the room distribution and the architectural design, they are very close to the common areas. It has two rooms and extended common areas, a common space for the living room and the dining table, on the common areas you will always have the chance to talk with somebody, take a cup of coffee or share a moment, and in the same way you can have the privacy of your room.

On general terms, it is a place to meet and share with many people.

R10 – La Quinta

La Quinta has 21 rooms, 2 big kitchens, a patio, a TV room and several common areas. Unlike the other residences, it has common areas on each floor such as living room and dining table. It’s a space with more privacy both in the room and the residence, but with a very social atmosphere. Indeed, and as well as our other residences, it has spaces for meeting and sharing with the other students.

On general terms it is a place with enough quietness and tranquility, but that also brings the chance to be with other people when one chooses to.